SQS資訊 - SQS資訊及簡介

名稱: SQS知多D(5-8)


為確保公眾獲得優質的社會福利服務,貫徹「以客為本」的精神及加強福利服務的問責性,本機構現與社署共同制訂一套共十六項的《服務質素標準》,以釐定及評估服務表現。 繼於上期中心通訊介紹標準 14後,現在就讓本中心向各位簡介《服務質素標準》第58條。


標準 5 - 服務單位/機構實施有效的職員招聘、簽訂職員合約、發展、訓練、評估、調派及紀律處分守則。

標準 6 - 服務單位定期計劃、檢討及評估本身的表現,並制定有效的機制,讓服務使用者、職員及其他關注的人士就服務單位的表現提出意見。

標準 7 - 服務單位實施政策及程序以確保有效的財政管理。

標準 8 - 服務單位遵守一切有關的法律責任。











Understanding More about SQS

In order to ensure quality of social service and accountability of agency, Service Quality Standards (SQS) has been developed.  After introducing SQS 1 to 4 in the last community newsletter, let us introduce SQS 5 to 8 now.


SQS 5 - The service unit/agency implements effective staff recruitment, contracting, development, training, assessment deployment and disciplinary practices.

SQS 6 - The service unit regularly plans, reviews and evaluates its own performance, and has an effective mechanism by which service users, staff and other interested parties can provide feedback on its performance.

SQS 7 - The service unit implements policies and procedures to ensure effective financial management.

SQS 8 - The service unit complies with all relevant legal obligations.


Q: How can the public express their opinion?

A: The public can express their opinions by direct contact with our staffs and delivering opinion letter into the opinion box in our lobby.  Moreover, our centre will collect opinion actively by sharing in focus group, quarterly meeting of community centre advisory committee (CCAC) and annual “Users’ Satisfaction Level Survey”. 


Q: How will the collected opinion be managed?

A: The collected opinion will be followed up by various ways such as individual interviews, discussion in staff meeting or community centre advisory committee (CCAC) meeting. 


Q: How will the donation be handled? Can the donor use the donation receipt for tax reduction?  

A: Donation with amount over $100 will be issued a receipt for tax reduction.  Generally, a donation form will be signed by the donor.  Then, the donation form and the cash/cheque will be sent to the head office of our organization.  Finally, the donation receipt and a thank you letter will be sent back to the donor for reference.