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社群社區發展服務 - 為南亞

Special Need Groups Development Service - For Ethnic Minorities

Service objectives:

  1. To enhance South Asian’s understanding and accessibility to community resources that facilitates their social adjustment in Hong Kong.
  2. To equip South Asians with the necessary basic skills and knowledge that develops their capacity and potentials.
  3. To facilitate self-help and develop mutual support network among South Asian ethnic communities.

Service contents:

Organizing strength–based support groups, harmonious community care projects, social concern groups etc.

Service target:

Ethnic Minorities (Including Pakistani, Nepalese, Indian, Indonesian, Filipino, etc.)

How to join:

  1. Contact our staff
  2.  Fill in the Ethnic Minority Family Network
  3. To be our member successfully


For Children

Children Language Tutorial Group (P1-6)

Harmony Childrenland on Saturday

For Adolescent

Adolescent study group (F1-6) Teen for Harmony (volunteer group)

Cricket group

For Youth

English Mini Genius (English tutor group)

For Women

Harmony Learning group

For Community

EMSkyline Shop ~ who are interested in Henna drawing culture

Voluntary service

EM concern group

Social welfare/ community resources sharing


Ms Daisy Wong

Miss Sammy Lai

Miss Ailia Naz

Mr Usama Qaisar